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November 23, 2020 1 min read

Spirulina truly metabolizes greenhouse gasses like carbon dioxide, making clean oxygen for the Earth and sustainable nutrition for our bellies! This dense cluster of microalgae is photosynthetic, feeding off sunshine, water, and CO2.

Did you know that algae are a strikingly efficient, environmentally friendly source of food? Consider that both freshwater and saltwater algae only account for about 1/10 of Earth’s plant mass. However, it’s still thought to be responsible for producing approximately half the oxygen! This makes algae especially important for the wellbeing of our environment.

Underutilized spaces in urban and rural areas can be repurposed to house spirulina tanks. Spirulina cultivation is much more sustainable than livestock farming. It can be cultivated with simple resources and, it requires less land and water to grow than livestock and most vegetables. Spirulina is just clean, sustainable, nutritious goodness!