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November 23, 2020 1 min read

Spirulina is a reliable source of nutrition for kids and adults. It can also be safely consumed by babies and pregnant or nursing mothers. In fact, it is recommended. Babies and small kids can eat a few grams of spirulina per day. These algae are superfine and easy to digest. Stir it into milk, dash a bit over food, and enjoy the added color and health benefits! 

The United Nations is particularly keen on spirulina’s potential in fighting worldwide hunger because of its macronutrient density, and because the consumption of spirulina poses no risks to children. Its noted as an effective tool in combating malnutrition in children around the world, particularly because of its expansive list of benefits.

Studies show that spirulina can improve our immune systems, gut health, and cognition. One of its main components, chlorophyll, has strong detoxifying qualities and boosts energy. It’s also rich in calcium for our skeletons and muscles, iron for energy and alertness, and B vitamins for digestion and metabolism. Spirulina contains an expansive variety of nutrients and vitamins, in high concentrations.

It has more iron than spinach, so spirulina helps healthy blood production. It’s a wonderful source of essential fatty acids, needed for proper brain development. High levels of zeaxanthin and beta-carotene are linked to spirulina’s role in preserving eye health. Adults and children alike can benefit from spirulina’s nutritional wealth.