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November 23, 2020 1 min read

Pasta is truly delicious and convenient—that can’t be argued. But let’s face it, oftentimes it’s just a sauce canvas and doesn’t add that much nourishment to our meals, but with Spirulina we can totally top that load up!

That’s where spirulina comes in. The protein content of spirulina is roughly 60% and it’s bursting with vitamins and minerals for your brain and body! It’s got more protein than meat and has little effect on the taste of whatever it’s added to. Spirulina in pasta makes the superfood benefits easy for anyone to include in their diet, since everyone already loves pasta.

Though processed foods are convenient, they are usually lacking substance. Spirulina infused pasta has eight amino acids necessary for building up protein and strengthening muscle. This option can help you feel better about your carb intake. It’s not just a bland, empty sauce canvas, its fully colored and abundant in essential nutrients like B vitamins, iron, calcium, and potassium.

The Aztecs of central Mexico used sun dried spirulina to enhance breads and other foods. Unfortunately, it took a few hundred years for the rest of the world to get on board. But we should be so glad it finally happened!