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November 23, 2020 1 min read

Spirulina is algae, a cyanobacteria that thrives in water and grows in dense clusters. It’s recommended for vegans, vegetarians, and ethical consumers in general for a few great reasons.

Firstly, its 100% vegan. Algae farming is gentle on the Earth, and no animals are harmed in the process of its growth or harvesting. Spirulina is grown without toxic chemicals that harm wildlife.

Additionally, it contains a sweeping variety of vitamins, and is rich in protein and amino acids, wielding a higher protein percentage than most meat, vegetables, and tofu. This makes is especially helpful for vegans and vegetarians trying to round out their nutrient intake.

Spirulina helps clean the atmosphere by converting CO2 into oxygen. Its fully organic cultivation does not harm local forests, groundwater, or air quality.  It preserves water and arable land for other crops because it takes less resources to grow. This limits water consumption and soil erosion, reducing your ecofootprint one meal at a time. Spirulina is clean food for a clean conscience!