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About Spring Spirulina

Spring Spirulina founder and CEO Saumil Shah, left his career as a rocket scientist to become a champion and producer of spirulina. His attraction to the super-nutritious and ancient food source was its high protein content and the fact that it has been in outer space as a food for our astronauts! Saumil found that he was able to produce spirulina in a new way that eliminates contamination risk and greatly improve the taste, making spirulina a delicious ingredient in mainstream foods and boosting nutritional values by adding a significant amount of a complete plant-based protein, antioxidants, iron calcium and much more.

Saumil's vision is to incorporate the superfood spirulina as a key ingredient in mainstream foods, so others can help discover its benefits. This is what inspired him to create Spring Spirulina Pasta, and why it is so densely packed with all the important nutrients for a heathy diet.

Saumil, also created a social enterprise in Southeast Asia where some of the spirulina in Spring Spirulina Pasta is grown by rural farmers to earn a living wage and improve their livelihoods while also helping their families benefit from the nutrition in spirulina. Unlike other spirulina pastas, Spring Spirulina Pasta contains a significant amount (4%) of spirulina contributing to its high plant-based protein content and its rich dark green color is why it provides all the health benefits of a full serving of spirulina. Each serving of Spring Spirulina Pasta has more protein, iron, vitamin A and calcium than a serving of white pasta. Just like white pasta, Spring Spirulina blends wonderfully with your favorite and sauces and toppings.

Spring Spirulina officially launched in 2020 and is headquartered in Bangkok and Singapore.